CalculariumReactive Calculation Environment (RCE)
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Calcularium is the Reactive Calculation Environment. Define the way how you do your calculations by using functions, alias, and editable/reusable history calculations.
Calculation, Units, Currency, etc.
Photo, Voice, Script, Capture
Watch App, Widgets
Unit & Currency in Place Converter
Define Functions
Easy to Find Anything
Root, Powre, +/-, Equal
Sub-Calculations: Simplify Your Math
Editable and Reusable History
Slich Share


  • Voice-controlled, backed by Siri
  • Script and Photo input modes
  • Reactive Calculations
  • Multi-Level Sub-Calculations with No Limits
  • History: Editable and Reusable
  • Self-Explanatory Naming for Every Component
  • Functions and Reusable Expressions
  • Constants and Reusable Numbers
  • Multiple Reversible Conversions (350+ units and 160+ currencies)
  • Advanced Search
  • Built-In Scientific Functions


Calcularium is also can be controlled by voice and has the ability to understand spoken math questions and calculate the answer. Tell it: "6 bottles by 15 dollars” - and it will give you the right result! It works by using verbal numbers and mathematical operations.


The design language of the Calcularium is based on tokens. All tokens are of the same structure: the left part shows a type of the element, the right part has a result or an entered value and its name on top. In addition to tokens there are pure numbers and math operators.


You can set an expression as a variable with the goal to use it afterwards in other expressions and give every component a clear name to recall what it stands for easily. Create a calculation, and next time you reuse it from History section, every component will clearly speak to you.

Downlad Calcularium from AppStore
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